Preventing nail fungal infections

Practicing good hand and foot hygiene can help prevent and reduce the occurrence of nail fungus.

Even after successful treatment, nail fungal infections may come back. To lower your risk of recurrence, follow these tips, beginning with getting into the habit of keeping your nails short, dry and clean.

Discard old shoes

Avoid wearing old shoes, which can harbour fungi.

Regularly disinfect shoes

Sprinkle disinfectant or anti-fungal powder in your shoes and change your socks frequently.

Give up nail polish and artificial nails

Nail polish or artificial nails can trap moisture, which can worsen a nail fungal infection.

Always wear footwear

Such as sandals, flip flops or slippers, in communal areas (swimming pools, locker rooms, gyms, hotel rooms, etc.).

Always keep nails short and trim them straight across

If you already have a fungal infection, use a different set of nail clippers or files for normal nails.

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