Treatment options
It takes just moments a day

Treatment options
To get your nails back to normal


Nail fungus can be treated in different ways

Treatment options that may help you get rid of nail fungus include both non-prescription and prescription medications.

Prescription treatments

Oral antifungals
Prescription oral antifungals have to be prescribed by a doctor, and are taken every day in pill form.
Topical antifungals
Topical prescriptions are applied every day. You need to see a doctor and have a prescription to get these products.

Non-prescription treatments

These medicines are available without a prescription, so you can begin treating nail fungus immediately without waiting to see a doctor. Some topical non-prescription treatments require you to soak and/or “thin” affected nails by filing before applying the treatment. Not all antifungal products available without a prescription are made to treat nail fungal infections. Some are intended only for fungal infections of the skin.



Emtrix is available without a prescription

Emtrix® is a non-prescription nail solution indicated for the treatment of both toenail AND fingernail fungal infections. Emtrix® can be applied directly to affected nails – no filing or soaking necessary. The recommended treatment period is 3–6 months.

You can find Emtrix® in the foot care aisle at your local pharmacy.


Emtrix® is easy to use: simply apply the liquid solution once a day to your affected nails and let it dry.

Emtrix® users reported that their treated nails had thinned, were less discoloured and brittle, and were smoother than prior to treatment.

Emtrix is the #1 selling nail antifungal product in Canada

Finding Emtrix®