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What is Emtrix®?

Emtrix® is a liquid nail solution recommended for the local treatment of toenail and fingernail fungal infections. Emtrix® is available on pharmacy shelves without a prescription. Emtrix® comes in a 10 mL plastic tube with a silicone pinpoint tip to facilitate application to the nail.

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What are the ingredients in Emtrix®?

Emtrix® is a liquid solution that contains 20% urea and 10% lactic acid. These ingredients are commonly found in products approved by dermatologists.

Emtrix is a nail fungus treatment containing 20% urea
Emtrix is a nail fungus treatment containing 10% lactic acid
Lactic acid

Non-medicinal ingredients include propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide and water.

How long before I see signs of improvement when using Emtrix®?

Treatment duration varies according to the initial severity of the condition. The recommended treatment period is 3–6 months. Nails grow slowly, and it can take a year for a healthy nail to grow in and fully replace an infected one.

What is the recommended treatment time for Emtrix®?

Treatment duration varies according to the initial severity of the condition, so treat it as soon as you spot it. The recommended treatment time is 3–6 months.

Is Emtrix® effective on fingernails as well as toenails?

Yes. Emtrix® can help you get rid of both toenail and fingernail fungus.

How do I treat my nails with Emtrix®?

Emtrix® is easy to use. Using the silicone pinpoint tip, apply a thin layer of the solution to the affected nail once per day and be sure to also apply the solution under the free edge of the nail. Allow the nail to dry for a few minutes and thoroughly wash any excess solution from unaffected skin areas, including your hands.

What are the possible side effects of Emtrix®?

As with all health products, Emtrix® can produce side effects, although not everyone will experience them. A slight temporary irritation of adjacent skin, as well as discolouration of the nail, may occur. If irritation worsens or persists, discontinue use and consult a healthcare practitioner. Harmless discolouration (whitening) of the affected nail may occur. In rare cases, the affected nail may become loose and detach from the nail bed. If this occurs, discontinue use and consult a healthcare practitioner.

How does Emtrix® work?

Emtrix® works thanks to two active ingredients – urea and lactic acid – which successfully combine to treat nail fungal infections while also softening and smoothing nails that may have become brittle or thick as the result of infection.

Is Emtrix® safe for children?

Emtrix® should not be used on children (17 years or younger).

Can I use nail polish during treatment?

No. Nail polish prevents the absorption of Emtrix® and therefore inhibits its effectiveness.

Can Emtrix® be used when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, Emtrix® only acts locally.

How did I get a nail fungal infection?

Nail fungus is caused by different types of tiny living cells called “microscopic organisms.” Nail fungus is contagious and, because fungi thrives in damp environments and can survive without light, there are several ways you may have become exposed to it, such as walking barefoot in a public place (especially damp places, such as a swimming pool, gym or locker room), sharing footwear with someone who has or has had a nail fungal infection, living with someone who has or has had a nail fungal infection, or having athlete’s foot.

Could my nail fungal infection come back?

Unfortunately, even after successful treatment, up to half of nail fungal infections will reoccur – sometimes long after the original infection. But, there are things you can do to prevent the return of a nail fungal infection.


How long does a tube of Emtrix® last?

On average, the 10 mL tube lasts for approximately three months when the solution is applied to up to three nails. Duration will vary depending on the number and size of nails that Emtrix® is applied to.

Where can I buy Emtrix®?

Emtrix® can be found in most Canadian pharmacies.

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