Treatment options

Nail fungus treatment:
You have options

There are different ways to treat nail fungus

Treatment options that may help you get rid of nail fungus include both non-prescription and prescription medications.

Prescription treatments

Oral antifungals
Prescription oral antifungals have to be prescribed by a doctor and are taken every day in pill form.
Topical antifungals
Topical prescriptions are applied every day. You need to see a doctor and have a prescription to get these products.

Over-the-counter treatments

These medicines are available without a prescription, so you can begin treating nail fungus immediately without waiting to see a doctor.

Some topical non-prescription treatments require you to soak and/or “thin” affected nails by filing before applying the treatment. Not all antifungal products available without a prescription are made to treat nail fungal infections. Some are intended only for fungal infections of the skin.

Emtrix is available without a prescription

Emtrix® is a non-prescription nail solution indicated for the treatment of both toenail AND fingernail fungal infections. Emtrix® can be applied directly to affected nails – no filing or soaking necessary.

The recommended treatment period is 3–6 months.

You can find Emtrix® in the foot care aisle at your local pharmacy.

Emtrix® treatment

Treat nail fungus with Emtrix®

Emtrix® is easy to use: simply apply the liquid solution once a day to your affected nails and let it dry.

Emtrix® users reported that their treated nails had thinned, were less discoloured and brittle, and were smoother than prior to treatment.

OCT Brand Pharmacist Recommended
#1 pharmacist-recommended brand of nail fungus solution.*
A brand you can trust.
*Pharmacy Practice + Business and Profession Santé 2021 Survey on OTC Counselling and Recommendations