About Emtrix®

Self-conscious about your nails? Emtrix® can help.

Nail fungal infections (onychomycosis) cause cracked, discoloured and unsightly nails. This condition occurs in up to 14% of adults — and possibly more.  Although both toenails and fingernails can be affected, toenail infections are much more common.

Emtrix® treats nail fungal infections for smoother, healthier-looking nails — giving you the freedom to show them off!

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What is Emtrix®?

Emtrix® is a liquid nail solution that is recommended for the local treatment of toenail and fingernail fungus, and improves the appearance of nails. It is available on pharmacy shelves without a prescription. Emtrix® comes in a 10 mL plastic tube with a silicone pinpoint tip to facilitate application to the nail.

Emtrix® works thanks to three active ingredients, propylene glycol, urea and lactic acid, which successfully combine to treat fungus on nails.

How to use Emtrix®

Emtrix® is an easy-to-use solution that restores your nail’s appearance without filing. It is a low-maintenance treatment applied in a thin layer once a day to the affected nail using a no-mess silicone tip applicator.

Simply hold the tip of the tube onto the nail and apply a thin layer over the entire nail surface, including under the free edge of the nail. Allow to dry for a few minutes and then go about your day!

Emtrix Box and Tube Combo